Hearing Protection

Hearing is one of the five senses but one we can so easily take for granted. Our world is surrounded with sound. Our ears help us make sense of this sound and communicate with those around us, yet so often we place ourselves in situations where we can cause lasting damage to that which we so greatly rely on; our hearing!

Each day we are subjected to countless noises which can cause hearing damage. Sound is measured in decibels (dB). The general rule is that exposure to volumes greater than 85db can damage your hearing and so anyone exposed to sounds beyond 85db should invariably wear hearing protection. So, for instance, cutting the grass, working in an industrial site, working in factories, attending a rock concert, all exceed the acceptable volume and require some form of hearing protection to prevent any damage to hearing. After all, the more we expose our ears to overly excessive loud noises the more damage we do.

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Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Our Custom Fit hearing protectors are ideal for any environment where hearing damage may be possible. As a preventive measure to lasting hearing loss or damage, we stock an extensive variety of acoustic ceramic filters, each with their own unique characteristics which are dependent on the noise environment one is exposed to.

The noise from the wind reaches noise levels up to 105dB when travelling on a motorbike; for spectators of motorsport those levels can reach 130dB. Permanent hearing damage can result from listening to noises over 85dB so motorbike rider should always use specialist ear plugs. For more information, contact our nearest clinic.

The noise produced from shooting activities far exceeds the acceptable level of sound. Shots can produce noise levels up to 150dB. Any noise over 85db can induce permanent hearing damage so it is important to always use hearing protection. Conversations are still completely audible while wearing shooting ear plugs that reduce loud gun noise considerably.
Travelling on a plane, the noise from the aircraft and background can reach high levels and sleep can become very difficult. Earplugs can help to lessen the noise and make your journey more comfortable. For the countless people whose ears are affected by rapid pressure changes whilst flying, the pressure-regulating protectors we offer have proven to be very helpful.
A good night’s sleep can often be affected by snoring or other irritating background noise. Snoring can reach levels up to 90db and while one night of this may be bearable, exposure to this noise long term is extremely damaging for your ears. Wearing earplugs for sleeping can ensure you have a much better night’s sleep without any unwelcome disturbance.
Working in construction, factories and in industrial areas with machinery often exposes workers to noise levels up to 120dB. As permanent hearing damage can result from noise over 85dB, it is vital to always use hearing protection.
Hearing protection for musicians is a must, but it is also important for avid followers of music to protect their ears. Remembering the acceptable level for our ears without causing damage is anything up to 85db, it is good to know that unamplified music can produce noise levels up to 100dB. Amplified music that musicians and people are often exposed to at festivals, concerts or clubs can reach 130dB. Use of hearing protection, whether you are a musician on stage or a spectator enjoying a live band, is essential to prevent damage to hearing.
Are you a regular swimmer? Water contact inside the ear on a regular basis can be damaging to your ears. It can cause bacterial build-up, irritation and damage. It is therefore strongly advisable to wear hearing protectors while in the water to protect your middle ear and ear drum from water contact.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

If you have any other questions, please contact us