Which? – Best hearing aid providers for 2019

  • Hearing News  •   January 28, 2019

“It’s official – if you’re looking for a hearing aid provider you’ll get the best service from the likes of us!”

Steven McCluskey, Audiologist Apex Hearing

*First of all, we would like to thank Which? Consumer Group for giving us permission to print a summary table (below) of their recent findings.

Which? magazine’s survey of the best hearing aid providers for 2019 found that it is independent hearing clinics like us, Apex Hearing, which provide an all-round better service!

* The well-respected consumer magazine Which? surveyed more than 3,100 hearing aid users to find out about their experiences with hearing aid providers

* Which? surveyed a range of branded (e.g., Hidden Hearing, Specsavers and Boots) and independent hearing clinics

* Local independent hearing clinics came out tops with an impressive overall customer rating of 87%, beating the branded clinics such as Hidden Hearing and Specsavers

* Delivering the best value for money was just one of the categories where local independent clinics like us outshone the branded providers

* Independent clinics also excelled in the area of pricing transparency, something we know our customers really appreciate

* Another win for the independent clinics was that less of their customers reported feeling under pressure to buy, or to choose a more expensive option from the range suitable for them, than customers at branded hearing clinics.

* We are also delighted, but not surprised to note that the hearing aid wearers surveyed also rated at the highest level the professional and knowledgeable staff in the independent hearing clinics, especially regarding how they dealt with questions and concerns

All of this comes as no surprise to us because we know from what you our customers tell us how important it is that you are cared for by staff you can trust and who take the time to really make sure that you get the hearing aid that is right for you; and this is where the survey found that independent providers like us excelled! The Which? report acknowledged that it takes time and patience to fit and adjust a hearing aid; the survey found that hearing aid users rated independent clinics particularly highly in this regard.

With something as important as your hearing involved, we make sure that each customer gets the individual care and specialist attention they need. As any hearing aid wearer will confirm, aftercare is extremely important and this is where we also give our customers outstanding service.

If you would like to have your hearing checked, or already have a hearing aid, and would like to receive the best possible customer service, coupled with outstanding care and advice, why not take on board the findings of the Which? survey and instead of heading to one of the big brands, like Hidden Hearing or Specsavers, book an appointment to see one of our excellent hearing care experts. You can then experience first-hand the exceptional customer experience which independent hearing clinics like us have been recognised for delivering.