Which? hearing aids – NHS or Private?

  • Hearing News  •   February 18, 2019

“If you are in need of a hearing aid and wondering where to go then wonder no longer; consumer watchdog Which? has done the legwork for you.”

Steven McCluskey, Audiologist Apex Hearing

*First of all, we would like to thank Which? Consumer Group for giving us permission to print a summary table (below) of their recent findings.

Which? surveyed over 3,000 people who had recently got a hearing aid, either from the NHS or from a private hearing aid provider like us. The results make for some very interesting reading.

In general, private providers topped the NHS in every single category, from waiting times, to comfort and appearance of hearing aid.

Furthermore, there were a number of areas where the services of private hearing aid providers like us, Apex Hearing, were rated significantly higher than the NHS.

For those wishing to choose from the widest range of hearing aids, including the latest models, the survey made it clear that private hearing aid providers were the best bet.

Similarly, when it came to how those surveyed felt about continuity of care, specifically seeing the same audiologist, private hearing aid customers were nearly twice as satisfied as NHS users. We know how much our customers value our hearing care specialists getting to know them and how much it means not having to repeat their story time and time again. That is why we at Apex Hearing try to ensure that customers are seen by the same specialist every time.

With regard to comfort of hearing aids and the extent to which the hearing aid was suitable for the wearer, private hearing aid providers were rated way ahead of the NHS. This does not surprise us because we know that when it comes to hearing aids one size does not fit all. Our first-rate hearing care specialists take time with each customer to get to know them and their exact requirements. That is why those who come to us have hearing aids that are really comfortable and are perfectly suited to them.

All hearing aid wearers know that aftercare is hugely important, and follow-up service was yet another category where private hearing aid providers were rated way ahead of the NHS. We know from our customers how much they value our specialists taking the time to answer their questions and make any adjustments.

The Which? survey confirmed what we have always known, that every hearing aid wearer appreciates the time taken to provide individually-tailored and specialist advice.

So if you need a hearing aid or are not happy with the one you have why not take on board the findings of this Which? survey and get in contact with us.

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