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Microsuction Technique

The microsuction technique uses gentle suction to clean the blocked ear, and is much safer and more comfortable than all other forms of ear cleaning, including syringing and irrigation. A small, thin probe is directed at the ear wax and/or infection in the ear canal, and the gentle suction is applied to remove the blockage. With microsuction there is no need for pre-treatment, e.g. olive oil or ear drops.

This technique of ear wax removal is extremely safe and effective.

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“I went yesterday for wax removal after unsuccessful syringing in doctors, 10 minutes later all sorted out minimum fuss, great procedure, totally painless in fact quite refreshing. Thank you Anna, if it wasn’t Anna I apologise (memory is a whole different story!) thanks so much again for my hearing being returned.”

Clive Spence, Belfast

“Super happy after my visit, been to the doctors twice and they couldn’t sort my blocked ears, all sorted inside an hour with a hearing test at the end. Very helpful and pleasant staff member, well worth the money.”

Gary Walker, Dungannon

Benefits of Microsuction

Frequently Asked Questions

Ear wax, technically termed Cerumen, is the yellow, orange substance in your ear, most of which is made up of dead skin cells and a natural mix of secretions in the ear canal. While we don’t generally like to talk about ear wax, it is actually a good thing.  Cerumen helps to protect the ear against dust, dirt and bacteria. The secretions lubricate the ear canal and prevent it from becoming itchy as it is too dry. Ear wax is natural and something which everyone has. It is self cleansing!

There are various reasons why one might experience a buildup of earwax. Some people just naturally over produce ear wax and can suffer from blocked ears quite often. The main causes of earwax build up include:

  1. Overproduction of ear wax (Natural for some people)
  2. Overly hairy or narrow ear canals
  3. Dry earwax, especially in older people as the wax can become hardened.
  4. Bony growths in the ear canal.
  5. Putting cotton buds in your ear.
  6. Sometimes wearing hearing aids or in-ear headphones can push wax further in.

Common symptoms of blocked ears include:

  • a feeling of fullness in the ear
  • the sensation of hearing everything muffled
  • mild tinnitus (Ringing in your ears)
  • Ear ache
  • Sudden Hearing Loss

An accumulation of ear wax or deeply impacted earwax can have a muffled, dull effect on your hearing. If you notice that you have ear ache, mild hearing loss, a feeling of fullness or ringing in your ears and a popping sound while chewing, it is generally a good idea to make an appointment to get your ears professionally cleaned. Our audiologists will check your ear canal to assess any possible blockages and remove any accumulated ear wax using microsuction, a painfree, quick and highly successful technique.

There are 3 main methods used to remove ear wax. The particular technique used depends on what the problem is and the method your audiologist personally prefers. The 3 techniques commonly used are:

  • Physical removal: A special instrument is used to scoop out the accumulated ear wax.
  • Irrigation: An syringe like instrument is inserted into your ear with some water and cleans your ears using moderate pressure. 
  • Microsuction: A pain free, technologically advanced method which uses gentle suction to remove earwax and is viewed using a video otoscope. 

Ears are very sensitive and while it is very tempting to clean out our ears with cotton buds or other instruments, this can do great damage to our ears. Rather than removing ear wax from the ear canal, cotton buds simply push the earwax down further towards the eardrum. In the process, each year many eardrums are burst or perforated by people putting cotton buds into their ears. This can make it even more difficult to remove the earwax and can do untold damage to ones hearing. One should never put anything smaller than an elbow in one’s ear. Earwax removal should without exception be done by a qualified specialist to prevent any lasting damage.

Ear Syringing is both dangerous and unsuccessful. This unsafe, ineffective method which uses a large syringe to pump water into the ear canal can cause permanent damage and should be avoided at all costs!
While Hopi ear candling is popular and non-invasive, this practice is not only very dangerous but does not work. It should be avoided at all costs!

If you have any other questions, please contact us

If you have any other questions, please contact us